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Which Fire Prevention System Is Right for My Business?

It goes without saying that having a dependable fire prevention system for your business is non-negotiable. The safety of you, your employees, and your customers are incredibly important, and thus you need to have a fire safety plan and a fire protection system in place. Fires are more common than you might think. In fact, in 2019, a fire department responded every 24 seconds to a fire in the United States according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Investing in fire prevention is a must.

If a fire does break out at your business, you should be readily armed with a fire suppression system. When you think of what this could mean for your business, you probably imagine a commercial sprinkler system or an extinguisher. What you might not realize is there are lots of options for your business that aren't just water. In this article, we'll cover a few of the different options your company has for fire protection.

Before getting into all of the types of systems there are, it is important to note that what works best for your company might not be the best choice for another. If you own a restaurant, you'll want a different type of system than someone who owns a manufacturing plant. While we'll point out some of the best places to use these systems, if you have any questions about what could be best for you, you should contact a professional. Reach out to us at Sirina Fire Protection Corp. for more information and direction.

Foam Systems

Foam systems are incredibly common in warehouses, as it easily covers larger spaces. This system works by combining a foaming agent and water to create a blanket of fire suppression. It cuts off the oxygen to the fire, helping to end it on the spot. Without oxygen, a fire can't grow or survive.

These systems are installed much like a normal fire sprinkler system, as it runs through pipes above your head. The foam is mixed into the water essentially as it leaves the pipe and makes an instantaneous connection. While the size and quantity differ depending on what type of foam you have installed, they are still mostly relegated to a few main locations. You can find foam systems typically in warehouses, airplane hangars, and where flammable liquids are stored. You wouldn't want a foaming agent somewhere smaller. If this sounds like the solution for you, reach out today!

FM-200 Gas

While not the most globally friendly option, FM-200 gas has proven time and time again that it is effective in shutting down fires. This gas removes the heat from a fire, and is non-toxic. As we said, it isn’t the best for the environment, but it also is not toxic to humans.

Since it isn’t toxic, FM-200 gas can be used in workplaces or spaces with heavy traffic. It also leaves behind little to no residue or trace, as it is a gas. This means an easier cleanup after the fact, as you will only have to worry about the damage the fire might have caused. It also tends to be a more cost-effective fire protection option. There are other gas options available out there and this is only one of the options we specialize in.

CO2 Systems

CO2 for fire protection works in a similar way as the foaming agent. CO2 is released as a gas and blocks oxygen from the fire. This method is fast-acting and works well, and also doesn't require much in the way of clean up. There won't be any damage from water or foam, as CO2 is just a gas.

The main disadvantage of CO2, though, is that it cannot be used in occupied spaces. This system works best where there aren't many people as there won't be enough oxygen for humans to survive once the gas has been released. Storage areas are one example of a place CO2 can work for fire suppression.

Classic Water Systems

We've covered some different options, but you can also never go wrong with the classic. Water puts out fire, it's as basic as 2+2=4. The water is released under high-pressure conditions, making it into a mist to put out the fire.

Water mist is one of the most highly effective fire protection systems on the planet. It is safe for humans, and thus safe for occupied and non-occupied spaces. The only trouble is the results of water damage, but water damage is probably much preferred to fire damage. Another thing to keep in mind is how cool the place you are using a water sprinkler design is. If the temperature cannot be kept to a certain level, you might need to look into incorporating antifreeze loops into your fire protection system, which we discuss more below.

Antifreeze Loops

Antifreeze for fire protection has had a bad reputation for years. After one potential case of antifreeze catching on fire when dispensed to suppress a fire, the NFPA enacted strict rules about the types of antifreeze a company can use in their systems. We are fully in line with all regulations from the NFPA, so you can be sure that you are getting safe antifreeze with an installation by Sirina Fire Protection Corp.

The antifreeze is mixed in with the water to make sure you follow all regulations and are always safe from fire. For more information on this topic, you can visit the NFPA website or contact our company with any questions.

Fire Alarms

Of course, no fire protection system is complete without a fire alarm. Lots of other fire alarm companies only work with one small part of the process, however, we believe in a "One Source One Solution" mentality. We can install, maintain, and service your fire alarm system to take that burden off of your company.

Like fire suppression systems, there is also no one size fits all solution for fire alarms. On top of traditional fire alarms, there is also video detection software, UV/IR flame detection, air sampling, and more. If you're interested in learning more about what other options you have for fire alarms, read about it on our website or contact us.

With a fire alarm and a fire suppression system in place, you have a complete package. One other thing to remember is that you must be in line with your state's codes and regulations. By choosing to hire a professional company to take care of these steps for you, you can be sure that you are within the red lines.

One Source, One Solution

For fire protection services you can trust, contact Sirina Fire Protection Corp. We have spent over 20 years dedicated to helping our customers keep their businesses safe from fires. Installing fire prevention units, fire alarms, and regularly inspect and performing maintenance for your company are just a few of the items on the list of things we can do to help keep you, your employees, and your business safe from harm and fire violation corrections. We are proud to be able to say that we provide 24/7 service to our New York customers.

Never worry about your business or passing inspection again. We have over 1,000 regular clients, have installed over 2 million heads, and have performed over 20,000 inspections. Call us today at (516) 942-0400 or reach out through our website to learn more about how we can help your company.